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adorable i.d. by artisticXexpressions adorable i.d. :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 0 2 The Wall by artisticXexpressions The Wall :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 3 3 no matter the language.... by artisticXexpressions no matter the language.... :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 6 7
Riley rubbed his forehead with one hand and waved a wad of papers with the other. It was just another blunder in a month of blunders in getting this order filled and shipped to his homeland.
The customs agent frowned at the open folder on his desk. “Sir, I’m sorry, but nowhere on the log do I see that this cargo was to be accompanied by an official from the O’Conaghy Company. Perhaps the necessary form was not filled out....?”
“My name is Riley O’Conaghy! I am the company! How on earth will that box arrive unscathed once the ship reaches America? What instructions are posted in your paperwork to ensure proper delivery?” Riley was, quite clearly, an enraged man who was not about to leave unless the agent satisfied him.
The agent adjusted his half moon glasses and peered back over his desk. “The log states that the goods are to be received by Mullins Imports and delivered to an outfit called Celtic Jewelry in Queens. As for a boarding pass,
:iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 0 0
You and I - pt. II of II
It seems very long ago now, but the last time Light saw L, he was doing the same thing. Long ebony hair pouring over dark eyes averted in somber thought, he was tending to Light, the boy’s feet still wet in his hands, and they both knew what was to come – but Light was his only friend.
Light, too, had averted his gaze, because he thrived on self-control, and the sacrifice of his personal feelings was but part of the discipline he kept when he set out to establish justice.
Light blinks.
He is slowly consumed with terrifying, uncomfortable feelings. Is this real? Did all this really happen? Are they really....?
The more he thinks, the more he remembers – and his fear is replaced with anger.
That’s right - he failed. He and Mikami messed up somehow, everything fell apart, and that little bastard, Near, patronizingly said that he wasn’t going to kill Light but rather lock him away where nobody could reach him.
Then they shot him – oh – oh, God, he
:iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 8 37
Mature content
You and I - pt. I of II :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 12 14
Wilted Flowers by artisticXexpressions Wilted Flowers :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 4 9
Love in the Time of Death
Hello, boys and girls.... my name is Light Yagami, but you would most likely know me better as Kira, the god whom you all praise. I escaped the two allegedly “brilliant” task forces, which were determined to capture me, and I even killed the world’s most brilliant detective! TAKE THAT, INTERPOL! WE’LL SEE WHO’S BETTER NOW!
:iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 23 63
The Origin of Species by artisticXexpressions The Origin of Species :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 5 4 Danse Macabre by artisticXexpressions
Mature content
Danse Macabre :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 3 9
Malum in Se
When you’re young and working in a corporation, nothing’s a joke. When you’re sitting down in one of those office “spaces” (given the honor of the quotation because they never fulfill the true definition of the word), there’s nothing to laugh about. You feel like a machine, constantly churning out either masterpieces or less-than-perfect pieces of scrap, checking off things on that never-ending list, and working overtime until you feel that your twelfth cup of coffee wouldn’t even save you from the mercy of Death. The computer screen and the things on it have started to engrave themselves into your mind, making you see small bright spots even when you close your eyes. When you finally get home, there’s nothing on your mind except deadlines, figures, quotas, and bonuses. That bonus will be mine if I could only close off that deal on time.... I shouldn’t have met up with the guy in the copy room, damn it; now I have to sleep since I ha
:iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 19 26
new desktop by artisticXexpressions new desktop :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 0 7
Mature content
Hymn for the Dead :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 0 4
new I.D. by artisticXexpressions new I.D. :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 0 35 Atlas Shrugged by artisticXexpressions Atlas Shrugged :iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 37 17
A Beautiful Dance - Part V
Marluxia and Zexion happened to be walking along the same corridor one evening when Marluxia noticed, for the first time, that the Organization’s skilled tactician was on his way to madness. Zexion’s eyes were blank and glazed over, and his posture was no longer perfect. He seemed emaciated, and his skin now resembled that of a corpse. His hair was disheveled, and Marluxia decided that this view of the Cloaked Schemer was as close a view of a walking corpse that he would ever get.
Zexion felt empty – as any creature of the Heartless should be. That is, if Emptiness can be categorized as a legitimate emotion in the first place. Zexion, brilliant though he was, could not figure out this puzzle.
:iconartisticxexpressions:artisticXexpressions 8 58

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Annie Elizabeth
United States
Current Residence: the majority of the time, I live within my own mind....
Favourite genre of music: alternative rock, punk rock, soundtracks, Gregorian chant (is this a genre?)
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: pink 3rd gen. iPod nano ~ 8 gb. ^.^
Skin of choice: the kind that prevents my insides from falling all over the floor.
Favourite cartoon character: Miles Edgeworth (hey, video game characters count.)
Personal Quote: "peace, love, and justice" as well as "die and freeze"


I habitate a new account. It is :iconrevolution-16:. (I don't have an icon yet... I know. It's lame as hell. DX)

The profile is really lame right now, but IT IS GOING TO BE BRILLIANT! Just gimme a little time. ;)

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you guys know!!!!

<333333333333 Annie
  • Reading: Letters to a Young Conservative
  • Drinking: an alcoholic beverage


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I suddenly miss you.
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......are you ignoring me....? O___O

if you are, please tell me why so I know....then I can stop worrying about you.........

I only ask cause my dA said you were on YOUR dA haven't spoken to me in nearly two months, girl....have I done something to upset you? :(
2Foxxie4U Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009
I miss you, too... ;~;
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...I miss you :(

.......what did I do?
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A simple "HELLO"

can be so sweet...

H= How r u?

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L= love 2 hear from u

O=Obviously I Miss u!

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Fuck I'm sorry about that. This hacker just won't leave me alone. I've changed my password like six times and he keeps coming back!
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